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HANGOUT 64 Osaka

HANGOUT 64 Osaka is a city map of Osaka published by HOSTEL 64 Osaka. One of the questions most frequently asked by the guest here is Where do YOU go? We picked up and puts as many shops, restaurants ans spots as we can on this map, that we'd really like to recommend. However, there wasn't enough space to show all our recommendations on the map. We'd be so much happy if you HANGOUT in Osaka with this map and find some favourites of your own.

HANGOUT 64 Osaka(ハングアウトロクヨンオオサカ)はホステルロクヨンオオサカが作ったオリジナルの大阪シティマップです。宿のフロントでゲストからよく聞かれるのは「あなたはいつもどこに行くの?』ということ。確かにガイドブックに載っている観光地に行くだけではもったいない!このマップでは、私たちスタッフ自身がよく行く大好きなお店やエリアを紹介しています。載せきれないほどたくさんある素敵な場所、このマップを片手にぶらぶらHANGOUTして、自分のお気に入りを見つけてください!


HOSTEL 64 Osaka

HOSTEL 64 Osaka is an affordably-priced boutique hostel which has been renovated from a retro-building built in 1964. Located in the most trendy area, Shinmachi, Nishi-ward in Osaka city. We offer various types of rooms from Japanese-style Tatami room, Western-style room to dormitory room. Designed and operated by the local architecture Arts&Crafts.

HOSTEL 64 Osaka was closed in April 2019 and 

now opens as FON-SU bed&breakfast, being operated 

by one of the staff working at HOSTEL 64 Osaka.




フォンスーベッドアンドブレックファスト として新たにオープンいたしました。

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